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Isaacs Accounting, P.C.
Isaacs Accounting, P.C., is a certified public accounting practice in Baltimore, Maryland. We partner with businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals to improve and enhance their financial position by providing full-service accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services. We understand that success is born from knowledge–the more knowledgeable a business owner or individual is about their finances, the more successful the individual/business becomes. With reliable financial information, individuals and business owners can make confident decisions. Our goal is to listen to our clients, identify their needs, and help them develop a plan to achieve their goals.

We believe there is a common understanding when it comes to attaining financial prosperity – strategic preparation and implementation outperforms chance. Whether a large corporation, small business, nonprofit organization, or individual, the strongest tool for achieving financial success is sound planning. To ensure sound planning, at Isaacs Accounting, P.C., we use a 3-step process to ensure every client’s financial records are maintained complete and correct.  We believe that if one understands his numbers, he or she is headed in the right direction toward growth and financial success.

We would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to show you what we offer in terms of services and more importantly, what specifically we can do for you. We understand time is money and we believe you will find our meeting valuable.

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